Z CAM E2 Firmware Updates

Use PC or Mac version of Z CAM Controller to upgrade as follows:

  • Download update.zip and save it.
  • Make sure that camera is connected to a stable power source throughout the upgrade process.
  • Select Upgrade from Action of Z CAM Controller and follow on screen instructions.
  • Verify the individual camera firmware version in Info after upgrade process is fully completed.
Firmware 0.89

  • LUT support in playback
  • Still image capture
  • Playback fast forward control
  • HDMI playback UI
  • Audio gain
  • HDMI preview laggy at 24 & 30fps
  • Shorter battery life
  • Remaining media space error
Firmware 0.88
Features added:
  • ZRAW (partial debayer), supports up to [email protected] initially
  • Monitor preview LUT, x33 cube format
  • Pre-rolling
  • Still image capture (JPEG only)
  • VFR fine control, 1 frame per step
  • Native ISO toggle control
  • Parade view
  • Card formatting compatibility
  • AWB always use white priority in Z-Log2
  • Performance optimisation
Bugs fixed:
  • Time Code sync to external device
  • Other minor bug fixes
  • ZRAW VideoSuite is required to convert ZRAW
  • ZRAW 4K 60fps will be supported later
  • No proxy recording is allowed when ZRAW is selected. Use iOS
  • device or HDMI to record proxy file instead
Firmware 0.87

Features added:
1.8x de-squeeze

Feature removed:
Secure Erase

Bugs fixed:
  • HLG: image setting refined
  • HLG: image file FCPX compatibility
  • Human Body Detection based AF
  • Press Magnify (User Button) while MF Assist is disabled
  • User Profile menu crash
  • Other minor bug fixes
Features added in recent release:
  • [email protected] (2.4:1 aspect ratio)
  • 4K [email protected] (2.4:1 aspect ratio)
  • 2704x1600 resolution mode (S16 format)
  • HLG support
  • Reel name and Camera ID input (Meta Setup)
  • Quick manual White Balance operation*
  • Record function assignable to F1/F2/F3 or Power button.
  • Long press Menu button takes you back to menu home page.
  • Longest exposure time can reach up to 1fps (VFR mode only).**
  • Magnify function allowed to enable/disable during recording.
  • Audio input channel option: XLR left + Mic right, XLR right + Mic left
* If you assign F1 button as White Balance, press and hold it will determine the white balance of the current scene.
** For instance if VFR is set to 1, then longest exposure time is 1 sec.

Improvements in recent release:
  • 1920x1080 VFR 240 in H.265 10 bit.
  • Audio gain optimized.
  • Dual native ISO updated from 160/800 to 500/2500*
  • Added HDMI display info: Resolution, Project FPS, VFR value, Encoder, Audio level indicator...
  • Video System option removed. Project FPS can be set directly.
  • Battery/Power display in voltage instead of percentage.
  • Multicam sync recording stability.
  • Center mark, frame line, waveform and vector scope refined.
  • Profile Management
    • Save Profile, save current settings as a profile to camera.
    • Save To Card, export setting profiles to storage media, located in /MISC/profile/
    • Exported profiles can be renamed (english letters only and file extension must be .prf).
    • Load From Card, import setting profiles from storage media to camera.
    • Load Profile, select setting profile to use.
    • Assign Load Profile to any programmable buttons. By default it is assigned to F2.
  • Other minor bug fixes
* number change only, not affecting dual native ISO actual performance. Dual native ISO in WDR mode is 250/1250.
Firmware 0.86
Known Issues
- Secure Erase might cause compatibility issues on certain media
- Human Body Detection AF not working

Z CAM E2C Firmware Updates

Firmware 0.89