Key features:

  • High fidelity wireless video transmission.
  • 1x HDMI IN, 1080p60 max.
  • 1x HDMI OUT, 1080p60 max. Either HDMI loop out or HDMI out in Rx mode.
  • 1x USB-C port. Use additional USB-C to Ethernet adapter for live streaming.
  • Tx - M - Rx, three different modes.
  • Live streaming up to four devices simultaneously, wire or wireless connection.
  • Multiple cameras in mixed network (each device can only be connected to one camera).
  • Power input: NP-F battery slot, DC socket 6.2V ~ 18V.
  • Dual antennas, line of sight transmission distance = 100 meters approximately. *
* subject to radio interference on site.

Camera Control:

Camera models supported:

  • Nikon D800
  • Nikon Z7
  • Panasonic S1H, GH4, GH5s
  • Sony A7S, A7R
  • Canon EOS R6
Note: Connect camera through USB cable.

Product Includes:

  • 1x Z CAM IPMAN S device
  • 2x antenna
Quick User Guide USB Camera Control Instructions Video Tutorials Firmware Updates

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Z CAM Monitor app (iPad) - Wireless Live View up to 4 cameras

  • Any camera with HDMI connected to IPMAN S
  • IPMAN S connects to wireless router over WiFI
  • iPad connected to the same wireless router over WiFi
  • Open Z CAM Monitor app (iPad) and connect to IPMAN S one by one
  • All 4 camera live view on iPad screen with monitor features

IPMAN S User Scenarios

  • IPMAN S - User Case 1
  • IPMAN S - User Case 2
  • IPMAN S - User Case 3
  • IPMAN S - User Case 4
  • IPMAN S - User Case 5


1WiFi in general
  • Interference can be caused by other WiFi signals.
  • If another signal is using the same channel, it may cause interference. The stronger that signal the stronger interference.
  • Selecting a channel with fewest connected devices, combined with lower signal strength results least interference. This is ideal for the paired IPMAN S to operate, resulting in lower latency.
2How to check local WiFi and decrease interference?
  • IPMAN S operates in 5G WiFi spectrum.
  • Check WiFi channel usage (5GHz band) using WiFi analyzer tools.
  • Select the channel with the fewest devices in use.
  • Select the channel with lower signal strength which means less interference to IPMAN S.
3How to switch WiFi channels for better reception?
  • Make sure that both the IPMAN S (Tx) and IPMAN S (Rx) units are paired (both showing the same channel number).
  • Press and hold either Left or Right arrow key on the IPMAN S (Tx) until the channel indicator blinks.
  • Short press either Left or Right arrow key to select the desired channel (CH 36, CH 40, CH 44, CH 48, CH 149, CH 153, CH 157, CH 161, CH 165).
  • Tap the Connect key in the middle to confirm.
  • IPMAN S (Rx) will then be set to the same channel automatically.
4Use WiFi analyzer tools (Android app) to check
  • “WiFiman” as an example.
  • Select Wireless tab and 5GHz in Channels.
  • Drag the square to check what channels are being used and the corresponding signal strength.
  • In this example CH 165 is not used by other devices nearby. So it is good to use by IPMAN S.
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1. Requires additional USB-C to Ethernet adapter.
2. Requires multiple devices. Each device can only be connected to one camera.
3. Transmitter or Receiver mode switchable.
4. Live streaming up to four devices simultaneously, wire or wireless connection.
5. Only works on selective cameras and subject to change from time to time.

IPMAN S Wireless Live Streaming Set Up using IPMAN S with OBS

(low latency wireless)

Technical Specifications

Disclaimer: All product features and technical specifications stated are subjected to Z CAM’s sole interpretation and explanation. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Net weight
178 gram (with antennas)
Mounting thread
1x 1/4"
Main unit
(without antenna)
65mm x 105mm x 22mm (Width x Height x Depth)
Main unit
(with antenna)
65mm x 196.8mm x 22mm (Width x Height x Depth)