Z CAM IPMAN Gemini Pro

An innovative and affordable HDMI to USB converter that converts dual 4K (up to 30fps), HD (up to 60fps) or 720p (up to 60fps) HDMI sources to a single USB connection with Mac/PC. Recommended retail price is USD$49.90 and scheduled to ship by the end of September 2021.

Key features:

The following applications are supported when dual camera HDMI feeds are connected to a Mac/PC through IPMAN Gemini Pro:

  • Dual camera HDMI input to IPMAN Gemini Pro. Single USB-C connection to Mac/PC.
  • Use OBS or any other streaming software on Mac/PC to view both HDMI feeds.
When connected to a Mac/PC it would be recognised as an USB camera without the need to install any drivers.

What is in the box?

  • Z CAM IPMAN Gemini Pro (main unit)

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Product Specifications

HDMI input
Dual 4K (up to 30fps), HD (up to 60fps) or 720p (up to 60fps)
USB-C output
USB-C male, 1080p30 max. when connected to Android/Mac/PC through USB-C
22mm X 85mm X 15mm (Width x Height x Depth) main unit without cable
33.6 gram (main unit only)