ZOLAR® Blade 60C


1 inch
Edge Thickness
IP 66
IP Rating
SSI = 90
SSI Score

Ultra thin & Light Weight

Introducing the ZOLAR® Blade 60C, a truly exceptional Ultra Thin and Lightweight Full RGBAW LED light panel, with a mere one-inch edge thickness.

IP 66

No fear in challenging environment

With an lP 66 rating, it confidently conquers outdoor and challenging environments with ease.

Unmatched SSl

Spectral Similarity Index is most relevant to LED light source for camera sensors.
This LED panel guarantees outstanding color rendition, achieving an impressive Spectral
Similarity Index (SSl) of up to 90, a leading score in the market.

6 Lighting Zones

Pixel control through DMX & CRMX Pre-programmed dynamic pixelated effects.

LumenRadio CRMX

In addition to DMX control, CRMX is introduced to offer a higher degree of control flexibility.

Multi Panel Configuration

Its ingenious design enables effortless multi-panel configuration, elevating its versatility to new levels.


*All measured values are average numbers. There is a certain variance in different products.

Basic Kit

Optional Accessories

  • ZOLAR Blade 60C - 3
  • ZOLAR Blade 60C - 4
  • ZOLAR Blade 60C - 5
  • ZOLAR Blade 60C - 6
  • ZOLAR Blade 60C - 7
  • ZOLAR Blade 60C - 8
  • ZOLAR Blade 60C - 9
  • ZOLAR Blade 60C - 10

Technical Specifications

Disclaimer: All product features and technical specifications stated are subjected to Z CAM's sole interpretation and explanation. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

ZOLAR® Blade 60C LED Panel
LED Type
5 color, Full Spectrum
Beam Angle
White Light
2,000K to 20,000K continuously variable correlated color temperature
Light Diffusion System
Built in diffusion
Colored Light
Full RGBAW Color Gamut with Hue and Saturation Control

IP Rating (LED panel only)

Ra ≥ 97 (R9 & R12 up to 97)
D56 = 90, Tungsten = 90
TLCI ≥ 98
Rf = 96, Rg = 103

Light Aperture
572mm x 272mm (22.52" x 10.71")
Light Effect
Bulit in > 24 light effects
0 ~ 100% continuous (0.1% precision), different dimming curves
Pixel Capabilities
6 lighting zones, horizontal layout
Color Temperature Tolerance
±100 K (nominal)
Pixelated Effects
8 pre-programmed dynamic pixelated effects

ZOLAR Goose-Neck Rear Mount Plate: 360 degree Single Ball Mount, Ratchet Handle, Junior Pin
Multi Panel Configuration
2x1 Horizontal, 2x1 Vertical, 2x2 Grid (requires optional mounting accessories)

Cooling System
Passive cooling
Estimated LED Lifetime
50,000 hours (L70)
Ambient Temperature Operation
-20°C ~ +40°C (-4ºF ~ +104°F)
Estimated Color Shift Over Lifetime (CCT)
± 5%

3.15 kg (6.95 lb)
Alluminium Alloy (housing)
Measurements (HxWxL)
300 x 600 x 46 mm (11.81 x 23.62 x 1.81 in), edge thickness 26mm (1 inch) only

ZOLAR® Blade 60C Controller Unit

DC Input
36~48V, 4.16A maximum
Power Consumption
140W maximum
Battery Input
V-Mount battery, 14.4~28.8V (Gold Mount option to be followed)

Multi Light Sync
ZolarLink - Multi Light Sync Protocol, up to 16 groups with 60 units max per group (wireless); 32 units max per group (cable)
Remote Device Management (RDM)
DMX Setup, Standard RDM commands
Controller Cable
8M length (standard), 16M length (optional)
5-Pin XLR DMX In/Out
Control Methods
LumenRadio CRMX, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZOLAR® Mobile App, Art-Net 4 & sACN protocol

0.89 kg (1.96 lb)
Measurements (HxWxL)
190 x 125 x 75 mm (7.48 x 4.92 x 2.95 in)

AC DC Power Adapter 36V

AC Input
DC Output
36V, 4.16A maximum

ZOLAR® Blade 60C Basic Kit

Measurements (HxWxL)
375x700x355mm (14.76x27.56x13.98 in)
Weight (Full Package)
9.20kg (20.28lb)

* All weight and dimensions are rounded values.