The Sun is the limit

ZOLAR® professional LED lighting system is developed by Shenzhen ImagineVision Technology Limited, the same successful team that created Z CAM Cinema Cameras. ZOLAR® products are developed with profound color science knowledge, leading image processing algorithms, as well as camera lens and sensor calibration expertise. Delivering high fidelity color reproduction and excellent color rendition with performances very close to natural daylight.

Our in-house developed “Self Adaptive Spectral Nonlinear Dynamic Illuminance Calibration System” eliminates the inconsistent LED performance issues. In addition, our revolutionary solution allows a mixture of ZOLAR® light series to be used simultaneously without any visible color deviation (color matching mode will be added to other ZOLAR® series).

ZOLAR® Toliman is a Bi-color LED light panel series targeting professional video productions. Its excellent soft light performance and high fidelity color reproduction has set a new benchmark for the industry. Designed with dual full spectrum LEDs to deliver continuous light spectrum across full CCT range with exceptionally high CRI & TLCI scores, particularly in R9, R12, R13 & R15. No compromise.

Spectral Similarity Index (SSI) is developed by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to evaluate the fidelity of color reproduction particularly for LED light, from a single chip CMOS digital camera point of view. It quantitatively compares the spectrum of the test light with that of a desired reference light source, expressing the similarity as a single number on a scale up to 100. High values indicate a high likelihood of high fidelity color reproduction by most cameras. SSI of ZOLAR® Toliman is close to or exceeds 90, across full CCT range (3,200K~5,600K), a leading standard in the industry.

Higher score implies higher fidelity color reproduction, particularly the skin tone. This is exactly why these scores exist.

ZOLAR® Toliman 30S - Product Highlights

zolar toliman 30s

zolar toliman 30s
·CRI: Ra ≥ 97 (R9 & R12 up to 95), TLCI ≥ 98;

Spectral Similarity Index SSI up to 90;

Low power consumption high output: Input ≤ 120W, Output ≥ 4,680 lx at 1m / 3.28ft;

Revolutionary 25° optical design lens array to boost illuminance.

ZOLAR® Stylist precision directional super light transmissible panel: control beam angle, light diffusion, no color shift;

Multi Light Sync - ZolarLink (wireless), rapid auto sync grouping;

Supports Art-Net 4 & sACN (through wireless connection)

Built in video effects for different scene applications

Bluetooth + WiFi mixed control: Remote Controller, mobile app (iOS & Android)

Unmatched By
The Competition

New Benchmark
For The Industry

Continuous light spectrum

Full color temperature range

Closest to natural sunlight


Multi-network Interoperability

Rapid auto sync grouping
Up to 16 groups
One button quick set up
Bluetooth + WiFi + Ethernet

See The Full Experience:

  • Zolar Toliman 30S Led Light - 1
  • Zolar Toliman 30S Led Light - 2
  • Zolar Toliman 30S Led Light - 3
  • Zolar Toliman 30S Led Light - 4
  • Zolar Toliman 30S Led Light - 5
  • ZOLAR Toliman 30S 6

ZOLAR® Stylist - Shape The Light

Toliman-30S-Led-Light-WO-Stylist-4.jpgToliman 30S Led Light W Stylist 2

Photometric Data**

Beam Angle: Side A 40º, Side B 88º

* Side A facing outward
** All measured values are average numbers. There is a certain variance in different products.

What's in the box?

  • (1) ZOLAR® Toliman 30S Main Unit
  • (1) Yoke Mount
  • (1) Remote Controller
  • (1) AC DC Power Adapter
  • (1) ZOLAR® Stylist W 32x32
  • (1) AC Power Cable
  • (1) Remote Connector Cable
  • (1) Quick User Guide

Technical Specifications

Disclaimer: All product features and technical specifications stated are subjected to Z CAM’s sole interpretation and explanation. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Brand ZOLAR®
Series Toliman
Model 30S
LED Type Bi-color, Full Spectrum
White Light 3,200K to 5,600K continuously variable correlated color temperature
Light Diffusion System 25° lens array + ZOLAR® Stylist
Color Rendition CRI: Ra ≥ 97 (R9 & R12 up to 95), TLCI ≥ 98
Spectral Similarity Index SSI up to 90
Light Aperture 250mm x 250mm (9.84" x 9.84")
Dimming 0 ~ 100 % continuous (Main Unit Controller 0.1% precision), different dimming curves, smooth dimming down to zero without color shift.
Color Temperature Tolerance +/- 100 K (nominal)
Tilt Angle ± 360°
Handling Aluminium Yoke, Tilt Lock Clamping Lever, Pole Operation for pan & tilt
Mounting 16 mm / 28 mm Combo Pin (Baby 5/8" / Junior 1-1/8" Combo Pin) / 28 mm Spigot (Junior Pin)
Multi Light Sync ZolarLink™ - Multi Light Sync Protocol, up to 16 groups with 60 slave units maximum per group (wireless).
Control Main Unit Controller
Remote Controller Remote Controller, cable length 5m (16.4 ft)
Wireless Control WiFi, Bluetooth, ZOLAR® Mobile App, Art-Net 4 & sACN protocol
Power Input 36V, 4.16A DC
Power Input Male 3-Pin XLR - 15A (Pin 1: Negative / Pin 2: Positive)
Battery Input V-Mount, 12.8~16.8V
Power Consumption 140 W maximum
Cooling System Low Noise Fan mode (Auto, High, Mid, Low)
Ambient Temperature Operation -20ºC ~ +45° C (-4ºF ~ +113°F)
Estimated LED Lifetime 50,000 hours (L70)
Estimated Color Shift Over Lifetime (CCT) '+/- 5%
Weight (Main Unit) 4.36 kg / 9.61 lb (Main Unit + ZOLAR® Stylist W)
Weight (Main Unit) 5.22 kg / 11.51 lb (Main Unit + ZOLAR® Stylist W + Yoke)
Weight (Full Package) 9 kg / 19.84 lb (Main Unit + ZOLAR® Stylist W + Yoke + AC DC Power Adapter + Remote Controller + Packing Materials)
Measurements (HxWxL) 475 x 420 x 157 mm / 18.70 x 16.54 x 6.18 inch (Main Unit + Yoke)
Measurements (HxWxL) 580 x 535 x 245 mm / 22.84 x 21.06 x 9.65 inch (Full Package)
Certifications CE, FCC, SRRC
1. All weight and dimensions are rounded values.
2. All product features and technical specifications state are subject to the sole interpretation and explanation of Shenzhen ImagineVision Technology Limited, and subject to change without notice.